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Mit FTPbox kann man einen Lokalen Ordner mit einem FTP Server Synchron halten.
Es ist auch möglich Ordner über mehrere Computer via FTP zu Synchronisieren.
Der Zugriff auf die Daten ist dann auch über FTP möglich.
Eine Mini-Cloud mit FTP als Datenbasis.

Leider hat sich bei diesem interessanten Projekt seit 2013 nichts mehr getan.
Die aktuelle Version 2.6.3 läuft aber ganz brauchbar.

FTPBox Download V2.63


In latest release (v2.6.3)
  • Fix sync frequency getting reset
  • Fix for port getting reset when asking for password
  • Remove reference to powerpacks library
  • Translated to Indonesian
  • Updated German, Danish and Simplified Chinese translations


Version 2.6
  • One-way synchronization
  • Small tray form with recent files, transfer progress, sync status
  • Made prefix of temporary file names configurable
  • Context menu is now optional
  • Translated to Arabic, Bulgarian, Indonesian
  • Fixed scaling issues
  • Fixed crash when uploading used/locked files
  • Updated French, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, German and Simplified Chinese translations


Version 2.5
  • Support for public key authentication
  • Keep connection alive
  • Translated to Basque
  • Sync Improvements
  • Various UI and UX improvements


Version 2.4
  • Certificate support (accept/decline, save trusted ones locally).
  • Select paths outside of user's home path
  • Transfer progress status.
  • Improved debugging system.
  • Translated to Hebrew, Serbian.
  • Improved listing, now works on folders that contain spaces.
  • right-to-left language support
  • Fixed: Recheck used files
  • (massive) code clean-up


Version 2.3
  • File filters: select what folders/file extensions to sync
  • support for multiple profiles
  • ask for password support (optional)
  • Translated to Czech.
  • Fixed: changed the version-checking system.
  • switched to json config files, using JSON.NET
  • using DotNetZip to extract the WebUI files
  • Changed FTPbox-generated temp file format and filtered them out of sync
  • The WebUI files are downloaded, extracted and uploaded from the %AppData% folder
  • Debug.html now saved in %AppData%


Version 2.2
  • Added Context Menus for the local files/folders
  • Added special character support
  • Added a nice translate form to make translating FTPbox as simple as possible.
  • Use of temporary files when uploading/downloading to avoid file corruption.
  • The web interface gets updated automatically
  • Files are only uploaded after they're not being used to prevent corruption of big files (not finished).
  • More FTPS Security Protocols checked ( auto-detected )
  • More detailed error logging.
  • Running with -nomenus parameter will not put the required keys in the registry.
  • Translated to Slovak, Galician, Portuguese, Thai and Slovenian
  • Fixed: On SFTP, GetComPath would corrupt the path if SFTPHome is null
  • Fixed: In SetTray, the program shortens the tray text if it's longer than 64 chars
  • Files/Folders are reqycled instead of being permanently deleted.
  • Deleted items are removed from the recent list.


Version 2.1
  • Optional: manual or automatic remote-to-local syncing to control bandwidth usage.
  • Speed Limits ( set maximum download/upload speed, FTP only )
  • New SFTP library (SSH.NET)
  • Better file filtering to avoid syncing temporary files, server files etc
  • On startup, the program will wait for an internet connection.
  • On startup, the program checks for missing resources (dll files etc)
  • Translated to Hungarian, Norwegian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Lithuanian, Traditional/Simplified Chinese, Danish, Polish and Croatian
  • Fixed: Much faster user interface (forms, tray menus etc)
  • Fixed: changed the syncing method to be more reliable and stable
  • Fixed: Improved handling in syncing multiple files
  • Fixed: More detailed tray notifications and tray tooltip.
  • Fixed: Removed the second (background) connection
  • Fixed: Program doesn't (need to) check for remote server's time.
  • Fixed: updater.exe is run as administrator to not throw an error regarding permissions.


Version 1.8
  • FTPS Support (both implicit and explicit)
  • New Log class (generates an html debug log when run with the -debug paremeter)
  • New FTP library
  • Option to open local file/folder when tray notification/recent item is clicked.
  • Translated to Greek, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, Faroese, Russian, Swedish, Korean, Albanian and Romanian
  • Fixed: translated the tray menu
  • Fixed: 'change FTP account' / 'change paths' buttons not working properly
  • Fixed: changed to a more practical translation-handling system
  • Fixed: getting home path of SFTP accounts
  • Fixed: accessibility by screen readers
  • Fixed: Settings.xml is now saved in the AppData folder
  • Removed timer for checking internet connection, replaced with NetworkChange.NetworkAddressChanged
  • Fixed: double-clicking the tray icon opens the local FTPbox folder


Version 1.7
  • Web Interface
  • SFTP Support
  • SFTP port optional
  • Encryption for account info in XML
  • Changed from portable to setup
  • Translated to French and Dutch
  • Fixed: deleting folders that contain files
  • Fixed: tray messages not always showing properly
  • Fixed: Expanding/Collapsing list items in "Select Paths" form


Version 1.6
  • New (awesome) icons
  • Translated to Spannish and German
  • Fixed: Subdirectories not syncing
  • Fixed: Offline Mode
  • Fixed: not letting windows shut down
  • Fixed: not opening on windows startup
  • Fixed: start-up error with creating directory on root folder


Version 1.5 and earlier
  • Synchronizing root folder with FTP.
  • Getting links to files
  • Starting on windows start-up
  • Notifications (optional)
  • Tray menu
  • Recent Files
  • Fixed: Forms not closing properly
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